Mark Cohen:
Security Architect, Head of Operations

For over a decade, Mark has built, implemented, and managed the technical infrastructure and security practices for a wide variety of organizations, architecting solutions to maximize availability, and manage the ever broadening threat landscape.

As Telos Vancouver was one of the earliest members of the Telos Launch Group, Mark has spent countless hours participating in, and helping facilitate conversations and share resources across the many various Telos working groups, helping to bring about consensus, and move the many projects required to successfully launch the Telos blockchain forward.

Mark has also spearheaded much of the public facing technical documentation, authoring articles for the Telos Foundation Wiki, so as to educate and empower Telos Block Producers through the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Architecture: AWS, GCP, Linux, macOS, Windows. Technologies: IPFS, VMware, Hyper-V, Data security/retention/monitoring, Network security/analysis/monitoring.

"My focus is on how to leverage technology to solve real world problems."

Mark Cohen