Telos Weekly Report # 18

Here are the highlights from the latest Telos Weekly Report.

  • Members of the TLG (Telos Launch Group) recently attended the EOS Hackathon held by Block One in San Francisco. with one of the teams making in into the top 10!
  • TLG members represent Telos at the Scaling Blockchain Conference.
  • Telos dev teams release alpha of decentralized file storage on Telos using IPFS!
  • Telos system contracts are merged into the EOSIO contract repository using EOS Contract Development Toolkit (CDT).
  • Telos Improvement Proposals (TIPs) 32 and 33 voted on.
  • With over 20 nominees nominated for Telos Foundation Board, nominations are now closed.
  • TLG ‘Go/No-Go’ vote is held, results in “No-Go” vote. We’re close, but still need to polish a few critical components prior to launch.
  • Telos Community Rewards Pool #IWantMyTLOS hashtag campaign coming to a close.

Read the entire report here.